The way HAE affects your quality of life can be less obvious than the physical symptoms of an attack.

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been diagnosed with HAE for some time now, myHAEcheckup is designed to help you regularly evaluate the full impact of HAE on your daily life, offering simple tools to elevate your HAE management and communicate your needs with your healthcare team.




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Reflect on the full impact of HAE

Take a moment to consider how the symptoms and unpredictability of HAE affect all aspects of your day-to-day life, even between attacks.

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Regularly assess your HAE management

Could your HAE be better controlled? This quick and easy questionnaire is designed to help you and your healthcare team assess your HAE control and guide decisions to optimize your care.

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Create a care plan

Gain more confidence in your treatment strategy, so you can focus on living well with HAE. Collaborate with your healthcare team to help improve your quality of care AND quality of life.

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Track your progress

Using the myHAE app can help you and your healthcare team better understand your condition. Quickly and easily document your attacks, symptoms, treatments, and more.

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Treaters and patients must now aim for optimal control, not just ‘better than before’. Optimal control should include minimal impact of HAE on quality of life. will allow patients to better assess their level of control, including any impact of HAE on their life between attacks. This information can then be used during meetings with their physicians to better assess control and discuss optimizing care. 
Chrystyna Kalicinsky, MD, FRCPC
Director, Allergy & Clinical Immunology
University of Manitoba | Winnipeg, MB


HAE Canada’s goal is to help create a better life for patients living with HAE. In order to do so, patients must first understand how HAE impacts their life, not only during an attack, but between attacks. Takeda's online resources can be beneficial in assessing a patient's true level of HAE control; and will empower patients to take charge of their life.
HAE Canada Team


Remember, YOU are an important member of your healthcare team. Your input is critical to achieve the best outcome possible for your daily living.


If you think you have HAE symptoms and have not been diagnosed yet, these resources can help you start your care plan journey.